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BAQ Skincare Tips: 4 Reasons Why Your Skincare Routine Isn’t Working

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

June is skincare month here at BAQ and that means all month long we will be sharing some vital skincare tips with you all. If you are a avid reader of BAQ, then you know that skincare is a big deal for us and we spend lots of time researching skincare and trying out various products so we can keep you all informed. Today we are taking a break from skincare reviews to focus more on skincare routines. The main struggle we see on a regular basis when it comes to skincare is routines. Many people struggle with building a solid routine that works for them, so to help, we are going to be sharing four top reasons your skincare routine probably isn’t working for you. Let’s jump right on in…

The Products Your Are Using Suck: One obvious reason your skincare routine is not working is the products you are using. There are tons of skincare products on the market that claim to do various things for your skin, but the biggest question is does it work? Remember when looking for skincare products to be sure about what your skin needs. Skin on the drier side? Search for products that provide moisture. Skin on the oilier side? Search for products that provide balance.

Don’t Build Your Entire Skincare Routine Around One Skin Concern: This is the mistake I see most often. Just because your main concern may be acne does not mean you have to build your entire skincare routine around that one issue and the same goes for people with oily skin, don’t build a entire skincare routine just based on your skin being oily. Your skin has diverse needs and typically your skin is only acting wonky because it does not have balance. Balance is KEY in a skincare routine. Do not over-focus on one skincare concern, but rather just focus on your skin as a whole.

Give Products Time to Work: Obtaining beautiful and healthy skin does not happen overnight. You need to give products time to work. Using a product for a few days and not seeing results does not mean the product sucks, you just have not given it enough time to work. Give products at least two-four weeks to work before switching it up.

Inconsistency: This is the number one issue when it comes to anyone’s skincare routine not working. Listen, for your skincare routine to work effectively you have to take care of your skin EVERYDAY! This means washing your face twice a day and using your skincare products DAILY!

And that's it folks! Remember these tips when building a skincare routine that works for you. Stay tuned for more skincare tips throughout the month of June.

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