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Feeling Bad for Being Unproductive? READ THIS

Another Monday is here and with a new week, the pressure of being productive is on. How many times do we wake up on a Monday morning to a blitz attack of memes and tweets emphasizing being productive and “making this week count”, it can all be a little overwhelming, right? It can be even more overwhelming when you may not be feeling very productive lately. Our society operates on the need to be productive, leaving little time for anything else. The notion that is put fourth is the more productive you are, the better or more successful your life will be. What happens when you just cannot be productive? Does being unproductive mean your life is doomed to be shitty? I don’t think so, here’s why.

Prior to my battle with depression I would be so productive that I did not leave anytime for myself, because like most people, I thought that by being productive all the time I was creating a better life for myself, but I was dead ass wrong. I would often criticize myself for not being unproductive and feel bad about it for days, but if depression taught me anything, it taught me it is okay to be unproductive sometimes. I mean, yes in order to live in a world dominated by capitalism, you must be productive at times, but sometimes you need to embrace being/feeling unproductive. When I say embrace being unproductive, I am not talking about those mini-breaks social media encourages you to take, I am talking about those times when your body is just refusing to allow you to do anything but be unproductive. Listening to what my body needs helped shaped my mental health in a positive way. If your body is telling you to lay down and not do a damn thing, then don’t, and don’t you dare make yourself feel bad for it. If you are like me and battle or have battled depression sometimes you feel bad for being still and often miss the times where you were able to take on the world, but most of time that is not what your body needs nor wants you to do. Allow yourself to be unproductive sometimes, if you want to just sit on your ass and watch Netflix all day then do it, especially if your lifestyle allows you too. Being unproductive does mean that you are lazy, it sometimes just means your body needs a break from everything.

It’s okay to be unproductive, take that break sis.


Danni J

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